Didem Doğan

Evora, where time stands still

We were meant to go to Evora. Our days in Portugal, without plans, schedules or lists ended; we spent them as we liked, without calculating the hours or days and there was no time left to visit Evora which we were planning to see. The day we would check out the hotel, with luggage in our hands, the phone rang; it was the airline calling us to inform that the flight was cancelled due to heavy snow in Istanbul, and we were staying one more night! We went straightly to the bus station and took the one to Evora. 

It’s couple of hours from Lisbon, and travelling in Portugal is extremely easy, the train system advanced, and people so educated and polite and ready to help you… The Romans arrived in Evora in the first century B.C. and built a walled city. The name of the city was originally ‘ebora’ which is the name of the tree, a word from the time of Celts. The Roman center of the city is where the Diana temple is, still there with its columns, next to it the Evora Cathedral from the 12th century in the Gothic style; it looks so simple yet so splendid. The city itself is so pure that it seems as the time did not touch here. Walking in Evora one goes back to the first century instantly.

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