Didem Doğan

Evening lights reflect on Kotor Bay

If we really have to do a top 10 list of the most beautiful places, this one should be in the list… First, coming to Kotor: we had so much fun traveling from Bosnia to Montenegro because we had no idea how to change countries in the Balkans. They are so small in size one thinks she’s changing cities instead of countries. We took the train from Sarajevo to Mostar, then from Mostar took the midibus to Herczeg Novi, passed the border, then from Herczeg Novi to Kotor Bay, all on the same day. When we reached Kotor Bay I remember how fascinated we were; it was the end of the afternoon, and the sun was setting and reflecting its lights through the big stiff mountains to the sea. The midibus was stopping every 5 minutes to take the people who were waiting at the bus stop after a day on the beach. The daily life that in reality is so ordinary seems so exotic to you when you’re there for the first time. We finally arrive in Kotor- the city of Kotor and the bay of Kotor share the same name. The city is a medieval town, like the Italian Genovese medieval towns surrounded by walls, the narrow streets are packed with tourists, cafés, and hotels. We always used to travel in winter, now in summer we’re not used to the crowds… We stay for the night, the next day we rented a car and went exploring less crowded places. Driving in Montenegro is an experience itself; usually you’ll find one road with two lines, though there’s a speed limit they, that is, the locals of course, always take on you. You’ll see the stiff mountains on one side, and the sea on the other; great scenery but it is scary. You should keep your lights on at all times. Anyway we got used to it, and we arrived in Perast, which is a lovely town. We swam. It was the end of the day and took longer to get dry… We went all the way to Kostanjica and stay for the night. The next day we crossed the huge bay on a ferry and headed to Budva, spending just a couple of hours in this Ibiza kind of party place. We reached Sveti Stefan again at the end of the day and the town stands like a postcard in front of us.

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