Didem Doğan

Ephesus Museum

The Ephesus Museum located in Selcuk is highly recommendable and can be visited together with St John temple and Isa Bey mosque as they are within walking distance. Many pieces from Ephesus are exhibited here and it will make your visit more memorable as you will notice many details of the ancient city when you walk through the halls of this important museum.

The museum is divided into a couple of parts, the garden exhibiting the tombs, the hall of terrace houses (the ruins which you visited inside the archeological site), the sculptures of goddess Artemisia, the hall of imperial cult.

You will see many details of the daily life in the hall of terrace houses; jewellery, coins, little sculptures including the head of Socrates… The mother goddess like Cybele has an important place in ancient Anatolian cultures. The museum’s most famous pieces are the sculptures of Artemisia, there are two of them in the hall: the beautiful Artemisia and the Big Artemisia, each of them has multiple breasts above their belly (supposed to be testicles of taurus), and it is called Artemis Polymastros… The last hall ‘The Imperial cults’ have some interesting bas reliefs taken from the temples in Ephesus, these ones show the the Amazon women. Another bas relief show the King and Philosopher Marcus Aurelius with his elders who adopted him. 

Other Collections
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