Didem Doğan

El Chorro: zero point of the city of Bogotá

This is the place where Bogota was founded, shortly called ‘El Chorro’, the full name is Square of Chorro de Quevedo. From the time of the Muiscas, the people of pre-Colomb era, the city was extended from this point on. The city’s foundation is cited as 1538. The oldest street is right behind this square. The Embudo Street, Callejón del Embudo, a narrow cobblestone street with several graffiti paintings. If you rise your head you’ll also see the sculptures, an acrobat riding a bike on a cable for example. The graffiti of a girl looking like a Japanese manga, the face of an aged Indigenous woman, a hostel looking very hippie, maybe the oldest and the most creative street in Bogotá!

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