Didem Doğan

Dolmabahçe Palace and Painting Museum

Standing at the Bosphorus Shore in Besiktas neighbourhood, the Dolmabahce Palace is a waterfront palace and residence of the last six Sultans of the Ottoman Empire who lived here in the late nineteenth century. It is symbolically important for Turkish citizens as the founder of the Turkish Republic, Ataturk lived here for four years and passed away in this palace in 1938. Every 10th of November you will see people paying a contribute to him and the avenue is lined up with his pictures.

Made by a group of archtiects including the the famous Armenian architect Balyan this complex can be visited in two parts, the Administrative Section (Selamlik) and the Private Section (Haremlik). The first one is the house of the Dynasty for official and public gatherings, while the second one is home to Sultan’s large family and it is the place where the private lives took place. The complex is also made of several parts including the Clock Tower and the Painting Museum.

The highlights of the Palace is the impressive Grand Ceremonial Hall in Selamlik; and the Blue hall (Sultan’s Hall) in Haremlik.

The ticket is also valid for the Painting Museum next to the palace where you will find the paintings portraits; it has a nice outside café.

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