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Coyoacán and the Blue House

You can reach this quiet and nice neighbourhood by metro from the historical center; you will enjoy walking on its streets lined up with two floor colourful houses, cafés and bookstores and pay a visit to one of the most touristic attractions in town: The Blue House, Calle de Londrés 247. The house in which Frida Kahlo was born and died: she lived in this house with its walls painted blue, together with her family and later with her husband, the famous painter Diego Rivera. The front yard of the house is full of cacti and art works from the Pre-Hispanic period they admired. They hosted many prominent intellectuals of the time such as André Breton, and Trotsky in the dining room. This house is exhibiting many details of the private life of the iconic painter, from her belongings to her bed and it is one of the most visited places in Mexico. 

The relation of Kahlo and Rivera has become the subject of wide speculation, probably because of Hollywood’s take on it. What is more important in the relationship of two geniuses which outshone their talents and the works of art they left behind: their inconsistencies? The harm they caused to each other? Their political stances? Or the debate of which one of them surpassed the limits of their era as an artist? When Frida met Diego, he was already known as a genius painter of world-wide renown. His murals exhibited in many places in Mexico, those at the National Palace being the most famous, are major art works displaying Mexican history and attesting to his mastery in their grandeur. One can say that such a great person was grand in caliber and status. And Frida would spend the rest of her life under the impact of this tumultuous relationship, without having to live in the shadow of her husband… In Coyoacán you can also visit the museum house of Leon Trotsky who used to live before he was assassinated and the Anahuacalli Museum to see the pieces of Diego Rivera’s collection of pre-colomb era.

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