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Chelsea: Gallery walk and the High Line

The hippest neighbourhood of New York may be Chelsea located in Southwest Manhattan; we do recommend the three following activities: 

.Eat at Chelsea food market; 

.walk the High Line;

.and visit the art galleries. 

The Chelsea Food Market is a place where you find many options to eat, from Asian cuisine to French bistro, from American burger to lobster, an Italian supermarket, a Chinese store to buy porcelain kitchen stuff, a bookstore and shops to buy some souvenirs. Right across the market exit is the entrance of the High Line on the 15th. The High Line is a pedestrian route of two and a half kilometres, converted from an old railway to a nice walking platform with view points to Chelsea’s colourful streets and surrounded by futuristic architecture; from hotels to galleries with transparent façades, there are a couple of view points where you see graffiti artist Kobra’s Mother Tereza Graffiti, and the graffiti of Warhol, Frida and other painters. As you finish the walking route you go down to the 30th street where you are a couple of blocks away from the Penn Station if you are then going to take the subway. 

The most fun thing to do in Chelsea is to visit the hundreds of art galleries that used to be old warehouses by the river, which are now places of contemporary art. From pop art paintings to sculptures all kinds of contemporary art works can be found and are for sale. There’s also a bookstore where you can find art-related books: 192

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