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Chapmans Peak Drive

One of the most beautiful routes in the world, Chapman's Peak Drive (named after John Chapman, the captain of an English ship that ran aground here in 1607), located between Hout Bay in the north and Noordhoek Beach in the south, is an engineering marvel. This nearly 'impossible' project, which took seven years to complete, ended successfully in 1922.

This nine-kilometer-long road with one hundred and fourteen intersections starts in Hout Bay and ends in Noordhoek, offering stunning views surrounded by mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. Before entering the Chapman's Peak road, you can take a trip to the seal island with the boats departing from Hout Bay, and then you can reach Noordhoek beach by passing the Chapman's Peak road. After that, you can head towards the Cape of Good Hope and arrive at the southernmost bastion of the African continent. If your intention is to ride a horse, you can continue to the long and wide Noordhoek Beach. This beach is also very popular with surfers.

Chapman's Peak Drive is a road that you will see and recognize in many movies due to its unique views. The most famous of these in recent years is 'Searching for Sugar Man', shot by documentarians following the story of a musician who immigrated from the USA to South Africa in the 1970s.

Chapman's Peak Drive is a toll road; for small cars you have to pay 57 rand.

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