Didem Doğan

Cartagena: a Caribbean town surrounded with walls

Its full name is Cartagena de Indias, but everyone calls it Cartagena. Long before it became a post card city Spanish came to this place and decided to found a port city surrounded with walls: year 1533. It reminds me Havana’s Malecón, ocean waves breaking on the shore, the gentle breeze coming from the Caribbean sea gives an air of freedom to this place. These walls, maybe, give me that sensation of ‘being in a movie set’, as if I am inside a story with a beginning and an end; it is like the director tells you where to stay, what to do; so do my feet go ahead as if they know where to go. I just follow them. One street takes me to another one, as I leave a square, I reach to another, I see a beautiful door, then a more beautiful one on the same street, there’s no place that do not call you for a coffee, or no corner of the town which you do not want to photograph. The old town’s main gate is from Torre del Reloj, the Clock Tower. Now let’s go inside and discover Cartagena’s squares.

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