Didem Doğan

Bienalsur: Ronaldo Fraga’s fashion parade & ’God is the master of time’, Christian Boltanski

This year (2017) from September to December Bienalsur brings 350 artists and curators in 32 cities and 16 countries, taking Buenos Aires as its zero point. It defines itself the Biennial that draws its own cartography. 

It is the first days of November which is spring time in Buenos Aires, I arrive to the port where the Hotel Museum of the Immigrants is located, candle lights line the hallway spreading a delightful aroma to the air and as I climb the stairs to the third floor I hear music and a happy rush among the participants of the fashion parade. The Brazilian fashion designer Ronaldo Fraga sees fashion as a political tool, what you wear is what you politically are. He gathers all the colours of Latin America in his show ‘Genesis, the Latin American blood’ emphasising all different colours of people who make Latin America, immigrants, former slaves, etc. and call people to stand against xenophobia. The Argentinian singer Charo Bogarín with two musicians perform during the parade, each ‘model’ who walks in the parade in fact is not a model, he/she is either an artist, curator, sportsman, etc. 

Again in Bienalsur, in Fine Arts Museum I see the work of French sculptor, photographer, painter and film maker Christian Boltanski ‘Mysteries’. He travels to Patagonia with his trumpets and installs them by the lake, with the wind they will make the sound of a whale. In an interview made with the artist he says ‘you cannot fight against the passing of time. God is the owner of time.’ For full video http://bienalsur.org/en/quienes

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