Didem Doğan

Amazones, the floating forest

The biggest tropical rain forest on earth, the Amazones have two seasons basically. However, they are not dry and rainy seasons; the rain falls throughout the year. There are two seasons: rainy season and not-so rainy season. From November to May the rainfall is higher, they tell me this year in 2017 it is even higher than the average. While a great number of tourists prefer to visit the region from June to September to enjoy the jungle more, I am here in April and witness heavy rainfalls in the city, in a couple of minutes the roads fill with water. The days I’m in the jungle lodge it is sublime because I’m lucky to see this part of the river where the water is so high that the trees become a part of it. It’s like a floating forest, a forest inside the water. there are some corners of the river where you can only reach by little boats, there you remain silent and here the orchestra of the jungle. What makes it overwhelming is the colour of the river, because it is black the forest reflect on the water, so it’s like an eternal scene. I learn that in June, when the rainfalls decrease these waters that cover the forest dry in just one month’s time. So you can only witness this beauty in ‘winter’ time in Amazones… There are also ‘matupá’s in the Amazones, they are floating little islands, a mass of aquatic plants, the indigenous people believe their mother to be the cobra, there’s a giant snake, the cobra, under every matupá which founds the island they say…

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