Didem Doğan

A long day in Ubud: Walking along the rice terraces and Bali Bird Park

A place taken out from the postcards. In Tegallalang green rice terraces follow one another. It’s raining but we don’t mind getting wet. 

We then continue to Bali Bird Park in Ubud which hosts more than 250 bird species. My favourite one is the Australian pelican, black and white coloured they are known as the bird with the longest beak, some of them may have a 50cm beak! They are also called the ‘traveler’ bird as they are able to fly for 24 hours, and can travel from one ocean to the other. The bird species come from all around Indonesia such as the islands of Sumatra, Borneo, Bali; they also come from other parts of the world like South Africa and South America and are able to adapt to tropical weather conditions here in Bali. After you watch their show accompanied by the bird instructors you can see the beautiful Toraja house where the owls live. But this place is not only for birds, you can also see the komodo dragon, which also names an island and national park in Indonesia. He is able to eat a whole rabbit without swallowing. Just opposite of it a rather innocent creature, a huge ostrich with black body and blue head, he’s not able to fly. As you go out the Bird Park you’ll see the reptile park right across the gate, where you can freeze looking at green snakes in little boxes!

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