Didem Doğan

A day in Cuzco: The Pre-Columbus Art Museum

If you really want to learn things, you need to walk into side alleys. This museum is hidden like a treasure in the side alleys of the old town of Cuzco. It is similar to the Larco Museum in Lima. The ceramic works which tell the story of thousand years are exhibited in the halls devoted to the Nascas, the Mochicas, the Huaris, the Chancay, and the Incas. Could the mystery of old times be hidden inside these ceramic vessels? The jugs with animal heads, bottles in the form of human figurines, vases with owl heads, and reliefs of human faces on its body…Technical styles which were perfected especially during the Nasca and Mohica periods. Just like the Larco Museum in Lima the Pre-Columbus Art Museum is also a must visit in Cusco.

Other Collections
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