Didem Doğan

13th Media Arts Biennial in Santiago de Chile

Earthquake is not only the movement of earth, it is also a state of living beings. There are earthquakes below the earth and also inside us, catastrophe that make us die and reborn again. The 13th Media Arts Biennial takes the theme ‘temblor’, earthquake as a reflecting point in world’s current situation where big shits of paradigms are taking place; they say ‘In fact nature has no catastrophe, it is the humans that make the catastrophe. There is no natural disaster, there is the human being that cannot adapt to nature’s change; that cannot suit socially to earth’s geographical and climatic shift. Disaster is a human thing and we humans create it.’ The works of the Biennial at the Fine Arts Museum are quite impressive, some of them: Mónica Bonvici’s Slamshut, a video of a door that is half open and moves slowly until it is slam shut making you jump a little; across the video a light box with ‘#mementomori’ inside it, the hashtag makes it quite explicit, the ancient Greek expression becoming a hashtag in our current digital era, belongs to Gabriel Tagre Petrone. Inside a hall one thousand volcanic stones hang from the ceiling on nylon ropes look poetic, the work of Ignacio Bahna. Another video work by Cristobal Cea, referring to the story of Noah tells the story of the Fine Arts Museum known as copy museum due to its collection that is made of the copies of famous art works. At the second floor we listen to the voice of Kay who is to be mentioned here, because the inspiration of this Biennial is an important personality. The poet Ronald Kay, during his lifetime may have been hidden behind Pina Baush as his husband, has been a source of inspiration for this Biennial and passed away a couple of days before the inauguration, RIP R. Kay.  Details on www.bienaldeartesmediales.cl

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