Didem Doğan

‘The symbolic’ Madrid

The capital city of Madrid is symbolized with this square, every march would start at this point: The Cibeles Square, with its white marble statues draws a circle. We see the red and orange color Spanish flag. At one side of the square stands the Cibeles Palace, today the Communication Palace, also a public art space. If you enter the building and climb to the terrace you’ll have a wonderful view of the city. It’s nice to see the ‘Refugees Welcome’ poster at the top… The square is where the two main avenues meet, one is the Prado Avenue, the exact translation would be the Prado Walk, that passes horizontally, at this avenue lines the main museums of the city: Prado, Thyssen and Arte Reina Sofia. The other avenue is the Alcala, and it meets the Square vertically. Above at the Alcala Avenue, you’ll see the entrance of the one of the main avenues in Madrid: Gran Via, at the beginning of it, just at the corner, an elegant building with white façade and black dome is the famous Metropolis building. Designed by French brothers Fevrier and finalized by the Spanish architecture Esteve in 1910, it was inaugurated as the Head Office of an insurance company. The angel on top of its dome looks like he’s about to ascend to the sky or maybe he’s just greeting the city.

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