Burcu Başar

The Tiny Red Cabin in Hamnoy

My first trip to Lofoten Islands was in autumn and there were very few visitors on the islands other than the locals. I remember that a tiny red cabin sitting right in the middle of a fjord blew off my mind during this time when I almost felt like I was the only one on the islands. That was and is still one of the most beautiful views that I have ever seen. During this first introduction with this tiny cabin, I remember thinking that a cabin may be a home to a fisherman or a lone writer. When I say “cabin” I actually refer to the concept of “rorbuer” – red structures that you can find all over Norway and especially on the islands. These rorbuers are actually built to serve as fisherman cabins but are nowadays also frequently used as a place for accommodation for visitors. You can find many of these rorbuer type accommodation complexes in Lofoten Islands. This red cabin, which blew off my mine in 2009, is also a part of a rorbuer complex in Hamnoy, Lofoten Islands. Even though I originally imagined the purpose of this “red cabin” in a more intriguing way, I still feel quite happy when I find out that this red cabin is a part of an accommodation complex. This means that I can also stay in this cabin or in a very similar one. 

During my next two visits to Lofoten, one in autumn and one in winter, I stay in one of these amazing cabins in Eliassen Rorbuer complex located in Hamnoy - my favorite place in Lofoten. I refer to the experience as “amazing” as the inside of these cabins are as beautiful as they look from outside. They each have a personal sitting area, heated bathroom and more importantly offers the best views of the best fjord in Lofoten Islands. In addition to your personal kitchen, which has all the necessary cooking utensils, there is also a restaurant nearby. Do not be put off from the fact that I refer to Eliassen as a “complex”, I assure you that it offers one of the most authentic accommodation experiences that you can ever get. For winter trips, you should however bear in mind that you can experience some very forceful storms and sense it at high degree being located right by the water. During one of these storms, I came across some very brave people working in the bridge (connecting Hamnoy to nearby Sarkisoy) maintenance tying themselves to the rails of the bridge by a steel rope. If you ever experience such storm, I think you would be better off staying inside your cabin and enjoy the amazing views of the water powered by the storm instead of trying to walk over the bridge (as I did) just to sit down and gluing your self the rails of the bridge to not fall down. It was sure scary! While inside the cabin, you may want to give a try to the song Particles by the famous Scandinavian musician Olafur Arnalds. It offers a great contrast with its calming effect against the harshness of the storm.

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