Burcu Başar

Stockholm, an introduction

I recommend that you use the metro to get to the center of Stockholm once you land in its stylish airport Arlanda. You can get to town in twenty minutes and save some bucks, which you will sure need later! You should always have a warm jacket with you. This northern city is, as highly expected, very cold in winter but it can surprise you even in summer. Stockholm is unfortunately an expensive city like its other Scandinavian counterparts. 

During one of my visits, I chose to stay at a suburban hotel with easy access to Stockholm by train and spentthe saved amount for better dining. In another trip, I stayed in the centrally located Nobis Hotel, which can be summarized as “Stockholm in a nutshell” both with its design and architecture. I highly recommend it. 

Even thought the historical Gamla Stan is among the most favorite spots in Stockholm, I recommend that you book your hotel outside of it both to avoid crowds and be surrounded by cafés and restaurants which are more favored by locals. The city is not that big in any case; you can walk to Gamla Stan in twenty minutes almost from anywhere in town. 

In addition to the museums and cafés, one of the best things you can do in Stockholm is to visit its amazing metro stations. Don’t be surprised that I recommend a visit to a metro station – you will not regret it. Some of the photos that took prizes during National Geographic competitions are photographed in Stockholm metro stations.

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