Burcu Başar

One of the Northernmost Cities of Norway: Tromso

Tromso, one of the northernmost cities in Norway, is an ideal location to experience the feeling of a winter town even if you do not get to see the Northern Lights. The first thing I can underline about this town, which is a mere two hours plane ride away from Oslo, is how cozy the entire town feels. You can get your ticket for a low coast but decent carrier - Norwegian Airlines for as low as Euro 50-60 one way and travel up to Tromso by witnessing amazing aerial views all the way through. Once in there, this small but very lively city thank to its university population will melt your heart with its wooden and vividly colored small shops and houses. 

Tromso, which is home to 72,000 people, is however mostly associated with the concept of Northern Lights due to its northern position and climate, which is deemed to be quite appropriate to see the Northern Lights. I also traveled to this city with my friends primarily to see the Northern Lights but we luckily also had two entire days to experience the town itself and the fjords surrounding the town. I highly recommend that you join a boat tour departing from the small harbor right in the center of Tromso to experience and hear the sounds of the cracking ice on the water as your boat moves through. It was our second favorite activity of the trip after the Northern Lights. If you are also after some urban wonders, the library of Tromso, entirely surrounded by glass windows was another quite amazing spot. Make sure to not miss the top floor of the library for beautiful Tromso and sea views. Another one of the popular Tromso stops is the Polar Museum located right by the sea. We were however pretty disappointed with this museum and it made us sad to see the sea lions all forced to live in a quite small pool. The only thing justifying a visit to the this museum was the amazing video show taking you though the remote landscapes of Scandinavia. The museum regularly hosts video shows/

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