Burcu Başar

New Zealand, Wanaka

I get confused when my bus departing from Queenstown arrives at Wanaka. The weather is sunny but quite cold. I check my phone and yes – it is 5 degrees Celcius. Then what is the matter with those kids standing on the float located right in the middle of the lake and making preparations to jump in the water? This odd scene (given the weather conditions) attracts many viewers - the boys are quite popular now. I wait for about ten minutes for the boys to jump in the water taken the beautiful view of the snows peaks behind them. There are people who are less patient than me as well as some people determined to watch the boys jump. I decide not to wait any longer and start walking in the direction of my hotel. I along the way also spot the famous Wanaka Tree. Wanaka is an excellent location to absorb the fall colors. My favorites are those trees covered by fully yellow leaves. I rent a bike almost as soon as I arrive at my hotel. It is so much fun to bike down the hill that I just climbed up for about 30 minutes carrying my luggage. There are about 7-8 restaurants/cafes lined up at the main street of Wanaka. I quickly eat my lunch at one of those cafes. I cannot wait to explore the town – I get my coffee in a cup to go and discover one of the main streets of Wanaka where there are coffee shops, sporting stores and a nice bookstore. Even though the Wanaka town is very nice, my plan is to explore the surrounding tracks either on a bike or by walking. I plan my days to cover two tracks per day and eat at a different cafe. I am so happy to have visited New Zealand during the fall season. It is not crowded and the fall colors are just amazing.

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