Burcu Başar

Moscow, Cafe Pushkin

Cafe Pushkin is from one of those places, which makes you feel like having traveled through time the moment you walk in. The atmosphere is so impressive that it makes you forget – at least for a little while – the main purpose of your visit, which is to feed yourself. It takes me about 20-30 minutes to take my first look at the menu. I somehow feel a little shamed for my over-excited look. This place makes you feel like in the novels of Dostoyevsky not only with its decor but also with the look of the people who are apparently regulars here. I order a borsch soup – a classic Slav soup that is as filling as a main course. 

The waiters of Cafe Pushkin are very polite but at the same time distant – matching the general vibe of this cafe. I am already in love with Moscow with its splendid beauty and very wide avenues. Cafe Pushkin makes me fall in love even more with this stylish and unique city. I make my way upstairs right after my lunch. The decoration of the upstairs department feels so impressive that it feels like a décor from a movie where the World leaders make very important decisions about the faith of the World. The giant globe used as part of the decoration may sure have to do with this feeling that the space triggers in me. I am in Moscow after all – one of the most influential cities in the World politics not only today but since the past centuries. It takes me hours to pull myself away from this café. I am in Moscow during summer season - if it was a winter trip, I am sure it would be even more difficult to leave this place, which feels like a perfect place to hide from the famous cold winter weather of Moscow. I sure need to come back to this café at least one more time and ideally for dinner.

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