Burcu Başar

Manly Island, Sydney

I, as a person living in the only big city in the World spread to two continents and divided by a Bosphorus, have the bad habit of belittling the amazement showed in the cities with harbors. I take it hard to believe that each city by water should be necessary beautiful. I keep the same wrong attitude for the Darling Harbor during my trip to Sydney. It takes me just five seconds to change my opinion when our plane reaches Sydney air zone. The Darling Harbor is an amazing place with its famous Opera House, numerous islands and the beautiful boats lined around the islands in numbers sufficient to form a navy. 

During my visit to Sydney, I decide to spend one of my afternoons at the Manly Island known for the surf love of its residents. This is also a good excuse to see the harbor and the city from the sea. I spend the entire 30 minutes of the ferry ride sitting outside. The boats with their white sales make the city look very stylish. I directly head out to Manly Beach when the ferry reaches the Manly harbor. It is just a 6-7 minutes walk. The Manly Beach is narrower than Bondi Beach but hosts almost as many surfers as Bondi. It feels like there is a silent traffic code among the surfers, they each take their turn to ride the waves and they never try to steal each other’s waves. Both the visual beauty of the sport and this silence code among the surfers are very impressive. Without me noticing earlier as I am almost hypnotized watching the surfers, it is almost time for my return ride to Sydney. This time it is impossible to sit in the outside deck during the return ride due to the strong winds. I however quickly forget about the wind as the ferry makes its way into the harbor just to be welcomed by amazing city lights. Sydney and the famous Opera House look even more impressive at night than under the daylight. Much more impressive. My love for Sydney grows each day.

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