Burcu Başar

Lofoten Islands: Reine v. Hamnoy

If you ask the most photographed place in Lofoten Islands, many people will answer saying “Reine”. Regardless of the season, the bridge overlooking Reine is always full of photographers especially during sunset and sunrise hours. Even though I am also quite interested in photography, the size and the variety of the equipment used by these photographers always make me feel a little bit intimated and makes me question if I am not doing enough. It is weird that whenever I think of Reine, one of most beautiful towns in Lofoten, this is the first feeling that comes to me putting some sort of distance between me and Reine. I think I am also a little bit prejudiced against Reine due to the high level of affection I feel towards Hamnoy, which is slightly shadowed by the fame of Reine. It is a quite senseless feeling though. 

Hamnoy and Reine are two beautiful parts of Moskenes region in Lofoten – considered to be the most picturesque region on the islands, also home to the ferry port greeting the ferries departing from Bodo. If we also include the beautiful Sarkisoy in this equation, which is located along the walking/car route between Hamnoy and Reine and where you can frequently come across dead fish hanged up to dry in the racks, this triplet of Lofoten towns will already show you the best of Lofoten even if you do not get to see any other part of it. Hamnoy is probably the calmest town on the islands where Eliassen Rorbuer, my choice of accommodation in Lofoten is located. Sarkisoy, which is right by Hamnoy, has a similar feeling. On the other hand, Reine – with its population of 300 habitants – is quite a big city! Do not laugh though – there is even small grocery store and a café in Reine. These are pretty rate findings in Lofoten! If you ever to travel to Lofoten, I recommend that you stay in Hamnoy, cover Sarkisoy during your walks and enjoy your food in one of the restaurants or cafés of Reine and make sure to take your position on the bridge and capture the iconic view. You may then agree with me that Lofoten is the most beautiful place on Earth.

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