Burcu Başar

Henningsvaer: Venice of Lofoten Islands? Even Nicer.

Even though the title suggests otherwise, do not get me wrong. I truly love Venice of Italy. You will discover that Venice has this whole other mysterious face once you find those spots away from the crowds. Our topic is however different and concerns the stylish and small fishing town of Henningsvaer located in Lofoten Islands in Norway. I started off with Venice as Heningsvaer is commonly referred to as the Venice of Lofoten Islands despite my objection. I think that this nickname undermines the very particular aspects of Henningsvaer and does not make justice to the unique position of this charming small town. Henningsvaer – located within 20 minutes distance from the biggest town of Lofoten Islands – Svolvaer (which is also home to one of the airports on the islands) is one of the most attractive faces of Lofoten. 

During my every trip to Lofoten, I make sure to stop for a night or two in this beautiful town divided into two by the ocean and which is home to some of the best restaurants and cafés in Lofoten. It also has a nice selection of small hotels if you want to try something else than the commonly preferred rorbuer style accommodation. During my last winter visit, the town made me feel like I was in a horror movie with the sound of very powerful winds, the naked trees and the hanging door signs of the then closed shops. I really loved the atmosphere even though it was a little bit scary. It was also nice to have dinner at one of the waterfront restaurants of Henningsvaer each evening and then spend time by the fire place in the common area of my hotel Henningsvaer Bryggehotel watching the lights of the houses sitting right across the water. I recommend that you include this tiny town, which is a little far from the other popular towns of Lofoten such as Hamnoy and Reine, in your Lofoten itinerary. It will especially be convenient if you are already arriving through Svolvaer.

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