Burcu Başar

Fotografiska Museum

For me Stockholm has everything that a decent city needs to offer. In addition to its historic feeling, it is also home to many cafes and restaurants that lead the relevant Worldwide trends. Additionally, it also hosts one of the best photography museums in Europe – Fotografiska Museum. Fotografiska is among my two favorite photography museums in Europe – the other one being la Maison Europeene de la Photographie located in Paris. 

Even if the quality of the exhibits hosted in Fotografiska is not sufficient to make you visit a museum, its location alone justifies a visit. The upstairs café of the museum, which is right by the water, has glass walls and is one of the preferred spots for the locals for a Sunday breakfast. At the time I write this article, the museum hosts the Irving Penn exhibit – the famous American photographer who has deceased in 2009. There are annually four different exhibits in the museum. It would probably be more correct to refer to Fotografiska as a photography house rather than a museum as it also hosts numerous photography related workshops. 

The lighting used in the museum also creates one of the most atmospheric exhibit environments that I have seen. I suggest that you also fit in a visit to the museum shop as the quality of the books and posters sold in the shop are above a standard museum shop. Prior to your visit to the museum, which does not have a permanent collection but rather changing exhibits, you can check out its website to check the ongoing exhibits and also take a look at each one of the posters sold in the museum shop.


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