Burcu Başar

Bondi Beach, Sydney

While on the road to Bondi Beach, my visual expectations are mostly based on the combination of the movies the Point Break and the Perfect Mothers, which both include many Australian beach scenes along with some surfing action. The movie Tree of Life by Terrence Malick also makes it into this combination as soon as I lay my eyes on Bondi Beach. The beach hosts thousands of people who look like in a dream sequence due to the reflection of the sun. Even though I am not a beach buff, Bondi makes me feel as one. I get too excited and cannot even decide whether to watch the beach from the view point, go down the stairs to walk on the beach or visit one of the most instagrammed places on Earth – Bondi Beach Iceberg Club. I am finally able to calm myself and do all of these rewarding activities. 

Bondi Beach is very easy to get to from central Sydney either by bus or metro with a comfortable 20-30 minutes trip depending on your point of departure. I sure make a use of this flexibility and visit Bondi Beach three times during my stay in Sydney just to watch the surfers. Seeing 13-14 years old surfers who look like action movie heroes in the water being picked up by their moms put a smile on my face. I visit the back streets of Bondi Beach when the surfing action gets over as soon as the sun sets. The cafes of the back streets of Bondi are as expected much calmer than the ones lined up on the main beach street. I ease the over-excitement triggered by watching the surfers with a red wine accompanied by a light meal my favorite Bondi spots – Speakeasy. I am now almost addicted to Bondi, the beach is unbelievably beautiful and it is hard to believe that this beauty together with a charming small town is only 20 minutes away by public transportation from the biggest city in Australia.

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